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Experience a Magical Acapulco Lifestyle

Hospitality, Learning & Fun; an all-inclusive gourmet experience full of great food & drinks, great service & great times.

Join Us In Paradise

What’s It All About?

The Acapulco diet is in lifestyle and philosophy for living as much as it is healthy meal plans nutritious juices and delicious Moments.

Our Mission

We believe in long life and happy living. Making the most of every moment, playing for keeps and still not taking yourself too seriously.

The Acapulco Diet ®️ is a unique blend of easy living, international savior faire, and relaxed good times inspired by the natural beauty of our small coastal city’s rich history, abundance, and healthy environment.

Join Us In Paradise


Ali & ClintArthur

Your Celebrity Hosts will make you feel relaxed, comfortable, and reinvigorated for living!



Dr. Chris Perron

Chiropractor from Washington DC

Maria Angelova, Body-Mind Coach

"I'm a piky eater, and this diet WAY surpassed my expectations..."

Betty Norlin

"10 Star"

Dana Davis, Bank Vice President

"2 Weeks was the best thing I cold have done for myself."

Dr. Dana Neacsu, Wellness Doctor

"Blown Away"

Maggie Hunts, Type 1 Diabetic

"A picture is worth a thousand words."

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